We offer knowledge and expertise in:
  • Performance based Engineered Designs;
  • Rational Fire Designs;
  • Compliance with “deemed-to-satisfy” rules;
  • Understanding and Interpreting Legislative requirements;
  • Fire Safety Audits;
  • Fire Risk Assessments;
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans and Training for Corporates;
  • Means of Escape Design;
  • Fire Protection Systems Designs:
    • Automatic Sprinkler Systems;
    • Fire and Smoke Detection Systems;
    • Gas Suppression Systems;
    • Smoke Ventilation Systems;
  • Fire Water Reticulation Design;
  • Emergency Fire and Escape Design;
  • Fire Water Tank and Pump Systems Design;
  • Independent expertise in Fire Investigations;
  • Turn key Fire Protection solutions.

Our professional fire engineering services are geared for a plethora of project types including, and not limited to, commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality and special risk facilities. 

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